Richland City Hall

After public outcry, the Richland City Council in April pulled its proposal to change a city ordinance to eliminate the 12-year term limit for members of city boards and commissions. Proponents said the proposal would make city policy conform with actual practice.

Back in April, Mayor Ryan Lukson said that the matter would be brought up again when citizens could “attend” the meeting.

However, the matter is once again on the agenda, even though citizens cannot currently attend meetings. The full text of the proposal appears on Page 80 of the city council packet.

Five members have served beyond the 12-year limit.   Marianne Boring, the spouse of a plans examiner in the City of Richland Development Office, has been a board member longer than the other four. At the completion of her terms, she will have served 20 years on the Planning Board and 18 years on the Board of Adjustment. Some members of those boards have not been approved to serve for the full 12 years.

The proposal appears on the Consent Calendar with 13 other items. Council members approve all items on the Consent Calendar with one vote, unless a member moves to have an item considered separately.

The council meets on Tuesday night at 6 p.m. The instructions for commenting appear at the top of the agenda.