As if on cue, the Richland City Council will hear from the Arts Center Task Force (ACTF) at their Tuesday night workshop just before they discuss a community survey of 451 Richland residents who felt that the city didn’t provide enough opportunities to attend cultural/arts/music activities.

Steve Wiley, Chair of ACTF, will be presenting the plans that the group has for building the long overdue performing arts center, Joel Rogo, a member of the board, wrote to the Observer.

Resident survey

By contrast a large majority of residents polled were happy the parks and with the availability of paths and walking trails.

While a large majority, 81 percent, said they voted in the last election, only a small number had attended or watched a city council meeting and an even smaller number had provided an opinion to a city councilmember.

Most of the residents who completed the survey reported that they didn’t have confidence in Richland government or think it was transparent or generally acting in the best interest of the community. At the same time, they responded that the quality of city services was good.

The survey results are available in the meeting packet Pg. 4-86. Residents who completed the long survey deserve a credit on their utility bills.

Strategic planning

Next up on the agenda is strategic planning and citizen focus groups. That is the only information provided.

Capital improvement plan

At the end of the meeting Brandon Allen, Finance Director will discuss the city’s capital improvement plan.

Watch the meeting

If you can’t be at Richland City Hall Tuesday night, you can watch the meeting on Channel 192 at 6:00 p.m. It can also be viewed online at Richland City View.