It’s the same old, same old on Tuesday when the Richland City Council considers appointing three men to the vacancies on the all-male, Utility Advisory Committee. Only one of the men, Roy Miller is a “new hire.” David Larkin was first appointed in 2005 and Daniel Porter joined the committee in 2008.

WOMEN, THERE IS STILL A CHANCE. One opening remains and the deadline for applying has been extended.  For details go to the city’s website for boards and commissions vacancies.

Swearing in new Richland police officers at a city council meeting is new. Three officers will be sworn in Tuesday at city hall instead of at police headquarters. WOMEN, ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY. Richland Police Chief Brigit Clary is still recruiting new officers.

Check out Item 10. New auto theft prevention equipment includes Flock Falcon Cameras 👀and rat trap tire deflators.

The page numbers below correspond to the pages in the packet.

1.Richland Firefighters Community Outreach.  Pg. 4-8

2. Swearing-In of Police Officers: Aiden Downing Eriksen, Johnathan Daniel LeMar, Robert Daniel Lewis. No further information

3. Columbia Point Golf Course 25th Anniversary Proclamation. Pg. 9

Public Hearing – You have three minutes to comment on the following item.

4. The 2022 budget will be amended to take $37,900 from unappropriated traffic impact fee revenue to fund a consultant to update the impact fees. Pg. 66-68

Public Comments – You have two minutes to talk about whatever you want. You are told to not expect an immediate answer to a question. If you have one, you can ask that the answer be provided as soon as possible and leave contact information.

Consent Calendar – approved with one vote, no discussion.

5. Approval of the Sept. 6 city council meeting minutes. Pg. 10-15

6. Amending the Richland Municipal Code related to position and department titles.  This renames the Finance “Manager” the Finance “Director,” replaces he with “he or she.” It also includes an “assistant city manager.” Pg. 16-65

7. Amending the 2022 budget, see public hearing above. Pg. 66-68

8. Amending the municipal code to clarify the roles of deputy city manager, assistant city manager, and the finance director. Pg. 69-82

9. Amending the municipal code regarding pavement cuts. “Modifying pavement restoration standards to reduce the cost of pavement restoration for projects on local streets.” Pg. 83-87

10. The city will pay G.S. Gasoline about $7,461 plus about $1000 closing costs for property at 2201 Stevens for the 12-ft. wide multi-use pathway down 240 from Hagen Road to Stevens Drive.

11. Authorizes the acceptance of a $33,589 grant for $33,589 deploying Flock Falcon cameras 👀and rat trap tire deflation.

Appointments to Boards and Commissions as follows:

 12. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Citizens Review Committee: Brenda Bradley and Isaiah Chong. Pg. 101-102

13. Economic Development Committee: Sandya Kesoju and Adam Morasch Pg. 103-104

14. Richland Public Library Board of Trustees: Tyler Pickel Pg. 105-106

15. Personnel Committee: Anh-Thu Mai-Windle Pg. 107-108

16. Utility Advisory Committee: David Larkin, Roy Miller, Daniel Porter Pg. 109-110

17. Lodging Tax Advisory Committee: Michel Gabbud, Lara Watkins and Lacey Stephens. Pg. 111-112.

Expenditures for August

18. Pg. 113-192

Items of Business

19. “Port of Benton Executive Director Diahann Howard, PPM, will provide the Richland City Council with a brief overview of recent improvements, upcoming opportunities, and the long-term vision for rail service in Richland. The Port of Benton and the City of Richland partner to provide rail in north Richland for economic development.”  Wouldn’t it be nice if passenger trains used the line to Seattle that is shown on one of the maps. 🚂🚂🚂Pg. 193-204

Manager and City Council Blah, Blah, Blah