About Randy Slovic

A mother and grandmother, Randy has experience in business and government. She worked as an assistant to Maryland State delegate Jennie Forehand, later joining the legislative staff of U.S. Sen. Ernest F. Hollings of South Carolina.  She then became legislative director, a job few women held at the time, to U.S. Rep. Lane Evans of Illinois.

Randy helped her husband, Bob, run a mid-sized oil company that remains in the family to this day almost 100 years after its founding. Randy has also operated her own commercial property business.  

She moved to Richland in 2009 after Bob accepted a transfer to Hanford.

Randy is passionate about the environment.

She is certified in wetland delineation, trained in macroinvertebrate identification, and experienced in stormwater management issues.  

For the past three years Randy has introduced Benton County 5th graders to the world of aquatic insects at the annual Salmon Summit.  Her  Benton County Heritage Garden has been featured on the Academy of Children’s’ Theatre Garden Tour.

Let’s build something together.