In 2019 Mayor Bob Thompson, collected $39,950.84 from the City of Richland for wages; medical, dental and vision insurance; and mileage compensation. In Kennewick his paycheck was $49,472 for defending former Mayor Steve Young from a recall petition. It is unclear what services were provided in 2016 when Thompson received $25,000 from Kennewick. The 2016 payment was also greater than Thompson’s Richland compensation that year as the insurance coverage that Richland council members now receive wasn’t approved until March 21, 2017.

Recently Thompson also defended current Kennewick Mayor Don Britain in his successful effort to have a recall petition dismissed. Britain said he would pay his own legal fees but did not indicate if he would then ask the Kennewick City Council members to vote to cover his costs as they did in the Young case.

4 thoughts on “Richland Mayor Bob Thompson was Compensated More in 2019 by the City of Kennewick than the City of Richland

  1. from your May 5th council meeting it is obvious
    Bob T is now claiming Cindy

    ” councilmember Bob Thompson said that the council felt like the staff was making policy”. What a farce. Christensen has gone senile. The loss of memory and honesty is nuts.
    “Councilmember Bob Thompson said that the council felt like the staff was making policy” . Is this consultant talking to anyone other the council and city staff?

  2. I am making comments on your latest City Council meeting. I now Thompson is going to harp om the Monday debates. i hope your candidates are

    Comments on Rady Slovic write up on the August City Council
    Paying expenses for Mayor Ryan Lukson and Councilmember Bob Thompson to travel to Alexandria, Virginia on September 8-10 for an Energy Communities Alliance (ECA) National Cleanup Workshop. It will cost $5,048 but most of that will be reimbursed by the ECA. Pg. 253-257.
    If the council did not approve of this out of state travel they out of compliance with the City charter.
    Neither of these two lawyers have the technical knowledge, the legal knowledge, history/and experience to deal with the DOE politics of their funding EAC. These meeting are DOE’s strategy to reverse all the insane agreement made through the the TPAs put in place by Leo Duffy the DOE EM manger. I knew Leo personality and and asked why he came up the TPA structure and he said “so I can be assured my program will always be funded ”. What he meant was that the TPAs would be political football that all pols Would or have to support.
    Robert Thompson will use this trip and his association ECA to state that his knowledge of Hanford makes him the best candidate for position 1 on the City Council.
    WATCH THE TELEVISED LWV INTRVIEW ON THE 12 OF August. He knows enough to make him dangerous on the subject RECRA and CERLA laws and Decontamination and WASTE STORAGE. He WILL PUSH FOR GROUTING LL TANK WASTE, AND TRANSPORTING OVER the equivelant of I,000,000 55 GALON DRUMBS 1000 MILES TO MAKE ANOTHER SATE A WASTE MANAGEMENT Site

    Second subject,
    Ground water
    Ground water level in the area of meadow, Willow Brook and other associate new housing development is becoming a problem, because they are being provided yard and Claybell Park watering from the ground water pumps and supposed KID water which comes from main irrigation cannels. It doesn’t, the new or rebuilt KID holding pond hit ground waste at its bottom and they have water flowing in the new storage pond from the Amon creek preserve. I have video and now where to find the truth. They should have built the new Pond next to the Amon Waste way but then again they might be in violation of of a contract with the Meadow’s Spring Country Club and Golf course which Thompson belong to.
    The resent rezoning from commercial to housing in the last two mounts in our area will make the situation worst and I don’t think the issue will be addressed in the Environment Assessment of the builder Plat Plan.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch. The first thing the Council should ask is, eoe they know of and Native American burial sites on that land. In 1990s
    DOE tried to get the EMSIL (spelling) Laboratory Builth on DOE property east of PNNL, along the Columbia River. I do not know if this current free land give away was part of the first planned EMSIL site. Why am I concerned ? Because on the first day of excavation the found INDIAN REMAINS AM SHUT THAT SITE DOWN. EmsiL is now on PNNL proporty.
    Someone on the city council needs to asses this potential issue.
    15 Years ago the City agree that extension of Rachel Road could not be a viable
    Arterial road connecting the South Badger Mountain Annex, infact it would run right in fron of the NEW Kennewick Middle School. The City Agree with Consultant’s Study that the overall best option was to use
    The area at the far end of the Preserve where and old bridge existed. Since that time,, 15 yrs ago, the City has buit 30 to 40% of the road and let it stand idle.
    I HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT IS GOING ON. Tapatel Green way should know.

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