The Benton County Election Office has counted all 2020 primary election ballots and Joe Biden is the winner of the Democratic primary in Benton County with 8,504 (38.95%) votes of 21,832 counted. Donald Trump received 26,170 of the 26,609 votes received from Republican voters.   Bernie Sanders finished in second place in the Democratic primary with 6199 (31.66%) votes. 

Bernie Sanders won the most votes in Franklin County as of Friday night, March 13, 2020 with 2751 (39.99%). Biden was second with 2413 (35.08%). Franklin County still had 200 uncounted votes.

Biden appears to have taken the statewide race with 544,975 (37.7%) of the votes but 117,658 remained uncounted as of Friday night. Bernie Sanders is in second place with 515,411 (35.7%) of the votes.

Statewide turnout was 46.31% and Benton County turned out 41.53%. The Benton County number surpasses 2016 that only saw 34.37% vote. However, in 2016 caucuses had already chosen delegates before that primary. Franklin County had a 39.76% turnout. Only 33% voted in 2016.