In case you think that our area is immune from questionable police shootings of black men, please spend some time reading about the November, 2019 case of former Marine Dante Redmond Jones.     The Franklin County deputies who killed Jones took several questionable actions and you can only wonder if the incident would have ended the same way had Dante been white.  There are no witnesses and no videos.

I have been notified by the Franklin County Prosecutors Office via a Public Record Request that they have the Special Investigation Units (SIU) report on the shooting of Dante Redmond Jones.  Members of the Richland Police Department ran the investigation. However, the Prosecutor, Shawn Sant, doesn’t plan to release the report until it has 45 days of redaction.  What are they redacting? 

“We estimate a response in 45 days to allow time to compile the documents and make the required statutory redactions. Please advise if you are also requesting any CD’s. If so, please be advised there will be a $10 charge per CD. We will let you know how many CDs are releasable and the charge before you have to make a final decision.

Very truly yours,

Civil Division”

I have requested all of the material and I will keep you informed.  Meanwhile, another case involving the shooting of a black man is also being investigated.  Gordon Whitaker was killed in February by Kennewick Police under odd circumstances.  Again, there were no witnesses and no videos

7 thoughts on “Killed by Police — Dante Redmond Jones

  1. Were are the body cam of the cop I want to see the video that my nephew they kill he was in innocent man and they killed him I want justice for Dante

    1. Thank you for contacting me. I am very sorry for your loss. People have shared with me some wonderful memories of your nephew. I am outraged that the only police department in our area that uses body cameras and dashboard cameras is Pasco. Pasco adopted them after the tragic shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes. There is NO EXCUSE for the rest of the departments not having the equipment. There is other evidence in the case of your nephew Dante and I don’t believe that evidence supports the story that the deputies have given. I will continue to demand answers and I hope that others will as well.

  2. We need Justice for Dante Redmond Jones! Arrests need to be made, this is trying to be a cover up, please don’t let his demise be for nothing, nobody deserves to die this way then cover it up with evidence that doesn’t coincide, and stories that don’t add up also! INVESTIGATE AND LET JUSTICE RULE!

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