If you’ve driven around Richland lately, you may have noticed that some homeowners have become more adventurous with front door colors. Using a variety of methods to choose a color, Richlanders have gone from drab to fab with a gallon of paint.

I’ve called these Richlanders by their first names like I do with all of my neighbors.

Wife picked cranberry

Crediting his wife for picking the cranberry color for their front door, Mark said, “She has a knack for color.” He added that they both thought their home’s neutral siding needed to be jazzed up.

Green is a favorite color

Molly had the same concern about her white house. She decided the look was a little boring. She explained how she chose the door color, “My two favorite colors are blue and green. Since my shutters are blue, I decided on a green door.” To decide on the shade of green she pored over paint chips at Home Depot before selecting one.

Left-over paint

Left-over paint and a door that needed it inspired Heather to paint her door a blue-green color.  She said, “The door really needed painting and I had already had paint.”

She loves previous owner’s choice

Leslie, a real estate agent, first noticed the new, energy-efficient door when she purchased her home. She noted that she would have never picked the color on her door herself, but she loves it so much that she is painting her back door to match it. She added, “Real estate studies show that an appealing outside can add as much as $20,000 to the value of a house.”

For homeowners who can’t choose from the thousands of color options for their front doors, never fear, internet decorators can help. Dozens of front door pictures with paint brands and names included can assist selection or overwhelm.

If you’re in the overwhelmed category, Barbara Meglis to the rescue. Send a picture of your house and $25 and she will suggest some Benjamin Moore paint options for your front door. Barbara Meglis | Your Home & Color Coach (yourcolorcoach.blog)

What’s the worst that can happen? You can always buy another gallon of paint and turn your door back to drab.