Franklin County Courthouse

Commissioners meeting on Tuesday 8/31/21:

Didier wore no mask. Shawn Sant, Franklin Co. prosecuting attorney, again gave the rationale for wearing the masks. Didier argued back and forth with him.

Peck suggested and made a motion to move the meeting to ZOOM in 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, the meeting resumed with Didier and Mullen in the meeting room and Peck in his office. There were several audience members who had to sit and wait during the 30-minute break. .

At the end of the meeting, audience members commented.  Didier had his followers there to comment using the standard talking points.  Franklin Co. Democratic Chair Jeffrey Robinson commented on how embarrassing it was to have this kind of leadership in Franklin Co.  There was also one phone-in caller.  

There is no meeting next week, due to nothing important on the agenda. The following meeting is a night meeting on September 14.

*Leona Hassing, formerly a resident of Richland who now lives in Pasco, closely follows a number of Tri-Cities government agencies.