The plan to convert the former Fluor office building at 1200 Jadwin Ave. in Richland into an apartment is still in play according to developer John Crook of Boost Builds.

Crook admitted that mixed messages may have confused people about their intent. Recently the property has been advertised for sale for $6,414,750.

“Our hearts and commitment are into enhancing living opportunities in Richland,” Crook told the Observer in a telephone interview.

Crook explained that the company had received some inquiries so it made sense to list the building as available in case a business was looking for a large office complex. “We are keeping our options open while continuing to pursue an apartment plan,” he said

Crook and business partner David Lippes bought the buildings at 1100 and 1200 Jadwin Ave. at auction in 2019 for about $1 million and then purchased the just over seven acre land, leased from the City of Richland, for around $800,000. They said at the time that they wanted to redevelop the 1200 building into loft apartments. Since then, they have renovated the 1100 property and leased offices in it, but the 1200 property remains vacant..

Like other developers, Crook said, his company has been hit by labor shortages, high prices for building materials and supply chain disruptions. He said that Boost Builds continues to focus on Richland and particularly the opportunities in redeveloping the downtown area while waiting on some stabilization in prices and supplies.

Boost Builds partnered with The Crown Group, a real estate development firm out of Chicago, to build Park Place apartments at the site of the old pit on George Washington Way. Crook reported that the apartments are renting well. He said that new restaurants on the Parkway are more good signs that things are picking up in Central Richland.