File this under, “I hope the council learns from this.” At this meeting the council will vote to pay $325,000 over appraised value for property to complete the Center Parkway North extension. The reason for the higher price is explained in Item 8.

If only the council factored circumstances when they sell. For instance, if a business owner buys the leased land under their business, immediately the value of both together is more than the lease and the business were separately. 

Even discounting for the three acres that the city kept, Richland sold the land at 1100 and 1200 Jadwin to building owners for less than the county’s assessed value. Now just over two years later, HALF the land and one of the two buildings are for sale for three times the total purchase price.

The Richland City Council will begin it’s last meeting of the year honoring Marianne Boring and Bob Thompson. September 2020, Boring was appointed to fill Brad Anderson’s position until the next election. Thompson has served on the council since 1994. Neither won election in November.

After the appreciation, the clerk will run through the consent calendar for which there will be no discussion and one vote. The page numbers after the item indicate where you can read details in the agenda packet.  Only Items of Business at the end will have discussion and separate votes.

If you want to comment, you must register before 4:00 on Dec. 21. Information for that is at the top of the agenda.

1. Appreciating Marianne Boring. Thank you, Marianne, for being the only councilmember who reads the packet. Pg. 4-5

2. Appreciating Bob Thompson. Thank you, Bob, for providing historical perspective and being the contrarian, although a two-minute clock would have been much appreciated. Pg. 6-7

Consent Calendar

3. Approving the minutes. Pg. 8-15

4. The municipal code will be amended to add a fourth road impact zone around Horn Rapids. According to the packet which you can read in its entirety on the pages listed below, the fees will be accessed to the developer and who will, no doubt, pass it on to buyers.

Here’s how it will be applied, “Each single-family residential unit in Traffic Impact Zone 4 shall be subject to a fee amounting to $2,222.43. Fees for commercial, industrial, and/or multifamily developments will be calculated based on their peak hour trip generation rates as determined by the city engineer applying the latest version of the ITE Trip Generation Manual. Pass-by and internally captured trips will be deducted from the total trip generation in determining new development trips. As an example, a commercial building in Traffic Impact Zone 2 generating 150 trips with 50 being pass-by and/or internally captured trips resulting in 100 new peak hour trips will have an impact fee of $85,481.” Pg. 16-29

5. Reata Road will be included in the corporate boundary of Richland. Since Richland is allowing big time development in this area, Benton County and Richland agreed that it was only reasonable that Richland maintain Reata Road. Pg. 30-33.

6. Richland will vacate the cul-de-sac on Keene Court so it can be joined with a road that will be part of a new development. Pg. 34-38

7. The council will approve a raise for itself.  According to the information provided, “Beginning in 2025, Council’s compensation will be $1,329 per month. In addition to the monthly Council stipend, the Mayor receives another $250 per month” pg. 39-42

8. The council will purchase for $745,000 13,544/sf of land and all improvements. The price is $325,000 over fair asking price. The city needs the land for the Center Parkway North Extension which joins Gage and Tapteal. The city recognized that the loss to the owners was greater than the value of the land and business. The location of the business known as “Mail by the Mall” can’t easily be reproduced.  If only the city could learn from this when selling the taxpayer’s property.  Pg.43-54

9. This is an agreement between the city and the county to share heavy equipment. Pg. 55-62

10. Hotel/Motel Lodging Tax funding awards. Here’s the list: Allied Arts Association Art in the Park – $5,000, Three Rivers Folklife Society 2022 Tumbleweed Music Festival – $4,000, The Rude Mechanicals, Shakespeare in the Park – $5,000, Northwest Power Boat Association Richland Regatta – $17,500, Tri-Cities Water Follies Columbia Cup – $15,000, Wild West Bass Trail 2022 Pro-Am Circuit Event – $15,000, West Richland Chamber of Commerce Cool Desert Nights – $18,800, City of Richland 2022 Geocoin Challenge – $6,500, Special Olympics Washington 2022 State Fall Games – $10,000, Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary See3Slam – $10,000, Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia, Rivers of Ink 2022 – $500. Pg. 63-65

11. Authorizing a consultant agreement for $104,140.07 With David Evans and Associates, Inc. for the railroad crossing at the Center Parkway Extension. Pg. 66-109

12. The seller of 660 George Washington Way asks for permission to transfer the parking lot lease to the new owner. Pg. 110-115

13. Checks for November 2021. Pg. 115-192.

Items of Business

14. The process of changing zoning and then changing the comprehensive plan to reflect the zoning changes continues tonight.

15. The council will vote to change the zoning for a parcel at Horn Rapids from public facility use (a school) to high-density residential; land behind the plant nursery on Van Giesen from agricultural to commercial to match the front, about 2 acres in the Badger Mountain South area from commercial to residential, and land on Thayer from low-density residential and high-density residential.

At the last meeting the council agreed not to change the zoning for land at Steptoe and Center Parkway from commercial to residential that had been recommended.

Blah, Blah, Blah, City Manager and City Council

Secret Executive Session to discuss current or potential litigation. Pg. 890