The Richland City Council will vote Tuesday on the Richland Police Guild contract.

As it has done with other union contracts that have been approved recently, the city removed the requirement that employees pay dues to the guild.

The city seems determined to include mini-storage units in the Business Use District zone that would enable people to walk to work and to services like grocery stores. Who knew people wanted to walk to their “stuff.”

Northwest RiverPartners, who according to their website, wants to “educate the public and policymakers about the important role of hydroelectricity.” Who’s bad-mouthing hydroelectricity??  I wonder who they’re trying to convince for $16,650,00 which would be the total if the 99 other members chipped in.

Per usual you can go to the agenda for the Zoom link. If you send in a request, you can comment on a public hearing or at the public comment part of the meeting. Page numbers listed correspond to the pages in the packet that is attached to the agenda.

Public Hearings – three minutes to comment

1.Allowing mini-storage units in the Business Use District. Pg. 12-100

2. Relinquishing an electrical easement at Sienna Hills because it is no longer needed.  Pg. 115-120

3. Relinquishing a no longer needed public utility easement at Sienna Hills. Pg. 121-126

4. Relinquishing an electrical easement that is no longer needed on Saint Street and houses have been built on it.  Pg. 127 -130

5. Amending the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to acquire the right-of-way for the Vantage Highway Pathway – Phase 2 project. Pg. 249-252.

6. Authorizing the collective bargaining agreement with the Richland Police Guild. Pg.253-301

Public Comments – You have two minutes here.  Talk fast.


7 Approval of the January 4, 2022 council meeting minutes.

8. Mini-storage see Item 1.

9. Amending the municipal code to establish the position of deputy city manager to oversee the four city departments, amending the municipal code to define who is an “officer of the city” for the purposes of an oath of office, amending the municipal code to specify residency requirements for youth members of the Arts Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission. Pg. 101-114.

10. Electrical easement in Sienna Hills, see Item 2

11. Utility easement in Sienna Hills, see Item 3

12. Electrical easement on Saint Street, see Item 4

13. Authorizing an agreement with CorVel Enterprise Comp, Inc. for third-party workers’ compensation claims administration services pg. 143 has the payment schedule which includes a management fee plus a per claim fee.  Pg. 131-185.

14. Approving the final plat of Falconridge – Phase 1. The developer will use 14.6 acres to create 12 lots at the top of Badger Mt. at the intersection of Falconcrest Loop and Morency. Pg. 186-233

15. Authorizing $175,000 for the 1-year cost analysis to determine electric utility rates. Pg. 234-248

16. See Item 5.

17. Collective bargaining agreement with the Richland Police GuildSee Item 6

18. Approving all checks written in December.  Pg. 302-380.


19. Authorizing an application for a federal grant (FEMA) for $2 million over a 3-year period to fund staffing for the Badger Mt. South fire station. Pg. 381-382.

20. Authorizing $165,000 for Northwest Riverpartners to fund a campaign supposedly to promote hydropower but really to spend $16,500,000 contributed by their 100 members to promote the maintenance of four old, inefficient dams. If Richland has 60,000 residents that means my share of the contribution is about $2.50. Can I have my money back? pg. 383-390

City Manager and City Council     blah, blah, blah.