Jan. 31 clarification: The 2010 development agreement at Country Ridge will be transferred to a new developer.

The council begins with new hires and retirements. Will they include Police Chief John Bruce in their adios?

The council has a short agenda on Tuesday but there could be long discussions. Development Services Director Kerwin Jensen can be counted for a detailed report on 2021 development during his review.

Pete Rogalsky who worked mightily on transportation funding during last year’s legislative session will brief the council on what’s going on this year.

The packet contains all the details including how to watch the meeting. The page numbers next to the items correspond to the pages in the packet. Public comments must be no more than two minutes and don’t expect an answer to questions. It’s a comment period, not a question-and-answer period, although a reader pointed out that you can ask the city to get back to you with an answer. Three minutes for comments on public hearing matters same rules.

New Hires & Retirements Pg. 3

2021 Development Services in Review. Pg. 4

Public Hearings

A hearing on the proposed amendment to the Development agreement affecting 47 acres south of Keene Road and East of the plat of Country Ridge. In 2010 residents of Country Ridge made an agreement with the city of Richland about the type of development that would be allowed adjacent to their neighborhood. This amendment transfers the agreement to a new developer. Pg. 15-38

Public Comments: Two minutes to comment don’t expect answers to questions.

Consent Calendar: No discussion, one vote.

Minutes for Jan. 18 meeting and Jan. 25 workshop.  Pg. 5-14

See  Item 3. First reading on the Country Ridge Development agreement.  

Adopting fees for redaction on body-worn camera recordings. The Public Records Act allows agencies to charge for the reasonable cost for redacting tape from body-worn cameras. The city attorney proposes charging $.63 a minute for staff time. A list of what other communities charge appears on page. 39.  Pg. 39-44

Approving an agreement with Benton County for aerial photography and orthophotographic (an aerial image that has been geometrically corrected (ortho rectified) so that the image is uniform from edge to edge) Services. The city will pay $18,638. Pg.45-55

Approving $300,000 to SPVV Landscape Architects for design and construction management services for the West Village Park Project, a 30-acre park at Badger Mt. South. Pg. 56-93

Establishing council assignments for calendar years 2022-2023. Nobody wanted the Benton County Mosquito Control Board. Pg.94-97

Items of Business

Significant transportation project development, discussion only Public Works Director Pete Rogalsky.  The three studies that will be discussed are: 1. SR-240 / Aaron Drive Interchange Improvements 2. South George Washington Way Intersection Improvements 3. Island View to Vista Field Trail System. Pete worked hard to get these funded last year.

City manager and members of the city council blah, blah, blah.