This workshop agenda has two head-scratching items on it.  You can watch the discussions on Zoom, link at the top of the agenda, Richland City View or Cable Channel 192. Choices, choices.

WSU wants more land from the city, a 45-acre donation was not enough

Washington State University (WSU) authorities have asked the city for additional land to help them sell the 45 acres the city gave them in 1993. The land is south of Hanford Street.

The 1993 deal stipulated that the land was to be used as a campus or revert to the city if it was to be used for any other purpose. BUT, in 2019, at the request of WSU, the city council voted to eliminate the campus stipulation. Now the university wants more land from the city to make it easier to sell to developers. Wrap your head around that.

An important drinking water supply facility is mucking up WSU plans. Several of the donated acres might not be developable. According to the summary provided for this workshop, “WSU has advanced a proposal for an additional donation of city property to support their marketing strategy…”

Road safety, paralysis by analysis

Washington State Department of Transportation is distributing $35 million statewide for a city safety grant program to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries. There is no indication as to how much Richland will receive out of this money pot. But, according to the summary, “a foundational requirement of the grant program is the preparation of a local road safety plan….”

We already know that poor road design and speed cause fatalities and serious injuries and we have crash records. But since there’s money out there from the state, I guess we can study it some more. This is commonly called “paralysis by analysis.”

Finally, something that makes sense

Late fees for library books will be eliminated. Studies have shown that the late fees result in libraries losing materials and the fines generated are not significant.