City Council will discuss giving this easement next to the Hampton Inn to adjacent property owners. The easement links Bradley Blvd. to the river trail. Map provided by City Manager Jon Amundson

Richland residents have an opportunity tonight to comment on Richland City Council’s proposed give-away of land that links Bradley Blvd. to the riverfront trail. The 60-foot-wide utility easement next to the Hampton Inn could be a public pathway from Bradley Blvd. to the riverfront trail (see map above)(pg. 148-150 in the packet). The city recently rezoned land south of the Riverfront Inn from park land to riverfront zoning that allows for commercial development. If building were to occur on the land there, public access to the river could be limited to Howard Amon Park and the park at the end of Columbia Point Drive.

The council will also consider giving a homeowner on Stevens Drive the easement behind their house (pg. 151-153). Finally, the purchase of the Economy Inn on Jadwin and George Washington Way for $1.2 million is up for discussion (pg. 154-171).

Each of these items will have a discussion and vote unlike items on the Consent Calendar which have no discussion and one vote.

To see what safety features that Richland is considering for roads near you, read pg. 77-145 of the packet.                

Newly appointed Interim Police Chief Brigit Clary will give the police department’s annual report.

The agenda

  1. New Hires and Retirements

2. Fire & Emergency Services Annual Report

3. Police Department annual report

PUBLIC HEARING – follow the rules at the top of the agenda to comment

4. Give up an easement that could be a public access to the river next to the Hampton Inn. Pg. 148-150

5. Give up a utility behind a home on Stevens Drive Pg. 151-153

PUBLIC COMMENTS   Two minutes to talk about whatever. See top of the agenda for instructions.

CONSENT CALENDAR no discussion, one vote at the end

6. Approval of the February 15, 2022 meeting and the Feb. 22, 2022 city council workshop. Pg. 4-14

7. New rules if you dig up the street for any reason. Pg. 15-24

8. Parking on Lee Circle next to the boat dock will be prohibited during cruise season so buses can pick up passengers. Pg. 25-35

9. Hours at the Top of the World Park will be limited to address nearby homeowners’ concerns. Pg. 36-38

10. Creating a 15-mph limit on shared-use pathways. Pg. 39-43

11. Authorizing a consultant agreement with H.W. Lochner, Inc. for the design of the South George Washington Way project. Can it keep people from racing each other or exceeding the 35-mph speed limit on this stretch of road? Pg. 44-47

12. Authorizing a grant application for a hazard mitigation grant for water facilities. Pg. 75-76

13. Authorizing a grant submittal to the state for transportation safety projects. A lot of interesting information on pg. 77-145.

14. Authorizing  a grant application to the Washington State Library for voluntary online Patron Reading Progress Services. Pg. 146-147


15. Relinquishing land that could be a public access to the river trail from Bradley Blvd. to the riverfront. Pg. 148-150

16. Relinquising land behind a house on 1409 Stevens Drive. Pg. 151-153

17. Ratifying an agreement to buy the Economy Inn at 515 George Washington Way. Pg. 154-171

City Manager and City Council    blah, blah, blah