Pasco officials and a Humane Society representative will give the Richland City Council an update on the Tri-City Animal Control Authority. Information on how to tune into the meeting is on the agenda at the top of the meeting packet.

The city received $450,000 from the states for additional sidewalks. The list of streets that will receive sidewalks is included in the meeting packet.

Numbers after the items correspond to the pages in the packet.

About 50 pages of the packet describe an agreement with The Cloudburst Group to develop a HOME-ARP allocation plan.  In case you have as much trouble as the Observer had understanding the HOME program from the material provided, you can read about it online.

1.Economic Development Week proclamation. Pg. 4

2. Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month Proclamation Pg. 5

3. Benton-Franklin Council of Governments Annual Presentation Pg. 7-18

4. Tri-City Animal Control Authority Update. Pasco City Manager Dave Zabell and Pasco Community and Administrative Services Director Zach Ratkai, Autumn White, Benton-Franklin Humane Society.  Pg. 19-27

5. New Hires and Retirements (no information provided in the packet).

Public Hearing – Three minutes to comment on the item below.

6.Proposed relinquishment of a utility easement at 1819 Hunt Ave.  Pg. 68-71.

Public Comments – Just 2 minutes to say whatever. Ask all the questions you like just don’t expect an answer.

7. Approval of the minutes Pg. 28-37.

8. Amending the budget to accept funds passed through the Seattle Police Department for internet crimes against children. This has been a routine funding source.  Pg. 38-43

9. Repealing overdue library book fines. Pg. 44-50

10. The award of bids for our sodium hypochlorite facilities upgrade project which will improve water treatment and wastewater treatment. Pg. 51-55

11. Additional sidewalks!! See if your street is on the list.  Pg. 56-67.

12. Relinquishing a utility easement at 1819 Hunt. Pg. 68-71.

13. Authorizing an agreement with The Cloudburst Group to Develop the HOME-ARP allocation plan for the HOME consortium. Pg. 72-120

14.Two new power transformers!! And it only takes 14 pages to describe this. Pg. 121-135.

15. Appointing Harry Staven to the Utility Advisory Committee. Harry was the only applicant, and he has served on the board before. The pool of old, white guys must be dwindling. Harry will join six other…..well, I won’t even say it.  Pg. 136-137

Items of Business

16. The council will vote on the re-zone of 3.9 acres at 1842 Jadwin again. The council did this once before, then had to vote it down and start over. The Observer, possibly the only person in Richland who reads the packet, pointed out the people living on Harris weren’t the ones who needed to be notified.  It was a boo-boo. Pg. 138-211

City Manager and City Council Blah, blah, blah

Meeting adjourned