Claybell Park in the Meadow Springs neighborhood

Update: The council workshop can be viewed remotely per usual via Channel 192 and by streaming the meeting from Richland City View.

This workshop meeting will begin on Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. The public does not have an opportunity to comment at workshop meetings. The agenda lists the following items with additional information included in the accompanying packet. The numbers after the items correspond to the pages in the packet.

1. This workshop will begin with the weighty issue of how to fill former Councilmember Phil Lemley’s committee assignments. The council could reassign them all to newly appointed Councilmember Shayne VanDyke or other councilmembers could give up an assignment and take one of Lemley’s instead.

Up for grabs is the liaison to the Richland Utility Advisory Committee, Visit Tri-Cities, and the Hanford Area Economic Investment Fund Committee. The city hasn’t had a liaison to the Benton County Mosquito Control Board for many months. Pg. 3-5.

2. The council will consider the Energy Service Department’s recommendation that more of the cost of electrical distribution line extensions be assumed by developers. Pg. 6-39

3. The council will hear about the Medical and Ambulance Service Strategic Plan Review and consider the rates for the service. Pg. 40-56

4. Residents who live around Claybell Park and Broadmoor St. in the Meadow Springs neighborhood met with Amundson, Public Works Director Pete Rogalsky and Park and Public Facilities Director Joe Shiessl at the park recently to discuss parking problems and the impact of a planned apartment complex on the nearby wetlands and roads in the area.

According to the workshop coversheet:

“City staff has generated a set of recommendations to address the residents’ concerns. Staff’s recommendations will create budget and policy implications that require Council input.

Staff will provide an overview of the issues raised and seek Council input on the financial impact created by staff’s recommendations and policy decision.” Pg. 57

5. Horn Rapids Industrial Park Overview, Strategies and Project Proposal. Pg. 58

This Richland City Council workshop agenda has no information about remote access. Recently Zoom was eliminated as a method for watching the City Council meetings.

On July 19, public television channel 192 was a blank screen instead of a live council meeting. In an email to the Observer, City Manager Jon Amundson blamed a technical glitch.

The video of that meeting focuses on Mayor Michael Alvarez. The other meeting participants’ voices can be heard, but the camera is always on Alvarez.

Channel 192 is up and running again and residents can watch the meeting there or by streaming from City View