Unused road right-of-way at the former Days Inn Motel will be declared surplus

Richland City Council did not select Eileen Griffin to fill Mayor Michael Alvarez’s position when he was elected to the Benton County Commission but at Tuesday’s council meeting, she will receive a consolation prize – appointment to the Richland Economic Development Committee.

The fire station at Badger Mt. South will be downsized due to the increase in construction costs. The plan for the station had included a community room, but that will be put off to keep the cost closer to the original budget. The project will still require an additional $742,000.

The public will have an opportunity to comment on the budget changes for the fire station at the beginning of the meeting.

There seems to be a never-ending supply of surplus property in Richland. Is there a list somewhere??? Fortify Holdings is remodeling the former Days Inn Motel into micro-apartments at 615 Jadwin and wants the city to sell them 6,704.51 sq. feet of city property that is the former right-of-way for Harding Street. The city council will approve making the property surplus and the staff will negotiate a price that will be approved by council later. If you want to mull this, there are pictures on page 85 of the packet

Visit Tri-Cities will describe how they’re spending your tax dollars to promote the Tri to tourists. They haven’t come up with anything like, “Nebraska, Honestly, it’s not for everyone,” but hopefully they’re trying.

Watch the meeting on Cable Channel 192 or online, Richland City View. The page numbers following the items correspond to the pages in the packet.       


1.Visit Tri-Cities Annual Presentation. Pg. 4-41

Public hearing – residents have 3 minutes to comment on the hearing item below:

2. Amending the 2023 budget to increase funding for Fire Station No. 76 in Badger Mt. South. Pg. 169-171

Public Comments — residents have an opportunity here to comment on anything. If you have a question, ask for an answer as soon as possible.

Consent calendar The following items receive no discussion and one vote for all of them. Councilmembers can remove an item for discussion and a separate vote but they rarely do.

3. Approval of the March 7, 2023 City Council meeting. Pg. 43-51

4. The council will approve payment to Obsidian Forensics for behavioral health services for the Richland Police Department Officer Resiliency Program.  A $69,600 grant from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training commission provided the funding. Pg. 52-54.

5. The council will authorize the city manager to sign an agreement with OCOchem to use the city’s wastewater treatment plant to test using biogas to generate a disinfectant to meet plant requirements. Pg. 55-57

6. JUB Engineers has modeled our sewer system. The city will add $74,500 to the contract to study sewer needs at Badger Mountain South and the Department of Natural Resource property. Pg. 58-60

7. Parametrix Inc. will receive a not-to-exceed contract for $197,385 to monitor landfill gases. Pg. 61-81

8. The council will approve designating property next to the former Days Inn Motel surplus. Pg. 82-87.

9. A fourth amendment for $60,000 will be approved for a contract to Permit Surveying for on call professional land survey services to create sellable lots for economic development purposes.  Pg. 88-91.

10. Sharon Reyna will be appointed, and David Boothroyd will be re-appointed to the Richland Arts Commission. Two applications were received for four vacancies. Pg. 92-93.

11. Eileen Griffin, who unsuccessfully applied to fill the council seat vacated when Alvarez was elected to the Benton County Commission, was chosen from seven applicants to serve on the Economic Development Committee. Griffin, who lives in Horn Rapids, replaces Wendi Warner, another Horn Rapids resident and unsuccessful candidate and applicant for city council, who resigned. Warner’s term is up September 30, 2023, so Griffin will have to re-apply to obtain a four-year term.

Griffin has worked for Gesa Credit Union. Currently she writes article for Heartland Daily News. Pg. 94-95.

12. Eight people applied for four positions on the Parks and Recreation Commission. James Buelt and Samantha Mason were re-appointed. Srithan Thallapally was re-appointed to position 8, a youth position. The other youth position went to Navaj Nune. Pg. 96-97.

13. February checks. Pg. 98-168.

Items of business

14. The council will discuss the fire station issue. Pg. 169-171.

City Manager and City Council – blah, blah, blah