Richland City Councilmember Theresa Richardson’s son Jet was appointed to the Richland Planning Commission last year. Tuesday night the council will approve a member of the board of the local Habitat for Humanity that he runs to fill a vacancy on the commission.

Jet Richardson became director of the local Habitat in 2019 when his mother retired from the $100k+ job after serving 10 years as CEO.

Three people applied for two open seats on the commission but only Habitat board member Austin Miller was chosen. He was given a four-year term.

According to the Council packet information for the Tuesday meeting, Mike Stevens, planning manager and staff liaison to the planning commission, Planning Commissioner Heather Nicholson, Planning Commissioner Doug Eadie, Councilmember Shayne VanDyke and Development Services Director Kerwin Jensen interviewed the three candidates.

Jensen has worked with the Richardson family a couple of times since Theresa Richardson joined the council in Jan. 2022.

“No! You are not leaving! You are going to sit at your desk. I am going to stand right here behind you until Richardson’s project is signed off,” Jensen told a plans examiner who had safety concerns about a structure planned for Richardson’s home that was to have a concrete slab, an outdoor kitchen and a pergola on top of it.

Plans Examiner Ty Jennings wrote in his resignation letter, “We have let integrity fall victim to politics….”

Eventually a new architect and engineer submitted a revised plan for Richardson’s addition.

Jensen’s department also oversaw the sale of surplus property to Councilmember Richardson’s church for an expansion of their parking lot. Her husband, David Richardson, chairman of New Heights Church signed the contract for the purchase.

The city has a new program for viewing its agendas and the accompanying packet  It has a search feature that makes it very easy to find details in the packet for the items on the agenda.  For that reason, the Observer will not provide the pages next to the items as done in the past.

Then it’s on to National Library Week and the swearing in of Richland Police Officer Cristian Da Silva.

After public comments the city council will have a 20 minute executive session to “Discuss Current or Potential Litigation with Legal Counsel.”

The meeting will be broadcast live on Cable Channel 192 and Richland CityView.

1.Library Week Proclamation

2. Swearing in of Richland Police Office Cristian Da Silva

Public Hearing Comments: No public hearing is listed.

Public Comments: Speakers have two minutes to talk about whatever they please. If you have a question, ask for an answer as soon as possible.

3. Executive Session for 20 minutes to “Discuss Current or Potential Litigation with Legal Counsel.”

Consent Calendar – all of these receive no discussion and there is one vote for all.

4. Approval of the April 4, 2023 minutes

Ordinances – First Reading

See Items of Business

5. Providing for the sale of 2023 electric revenue bonds.

6. Approving The Links Residence at Horn Rapids Planned Unit Development

7. Authorizing an agreement with the Richland School District for a well project at Chief Joseph Middle School.

8.. Authorizing a Domestic Water Latecomer Agreement with Michael Grimes for Allenwhite Drive. Several property owners on Allenwhite Drive petitioned to be annexed. They paid for infrastructure to join the city water system and some of their costs can be reimbursed.

9. Authorizing award of bid to Intermount Slurry Seal for the 2023 Microsurfacing Project.

10. .Authorizing Award of a bid to one Way Trigger LLC for 2023 slurry seal project.

11. Authorizing award of bid to Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc. for the Stevens Drive Pavement Preservation rebid.

12. Authorizing $15,050 more to a consultant agreement with Quality Coatings Inspection and Consulting, Inc. (QCIC) to coat several steel water storage reservoirs. The Water Utility Capital Fund currently has $5,111,565 available to fund this project. Pg. 132

13. Appointment to the Arts Commission: Lexie Forbes for a three-year term and Angel Peiffer for a one-year youth position. Three applications were received for the two positions. Pg. 136

14.. Appointment to the Planning Commission: Austin Miller. Miller was one of three applicants for two positions.

16.. March Checks.

Items of Business

13. Approving The Terraces at Queensgate South Planned Unit Development (closed record)

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