The owner of property at 112-120 wants to buy two acres of parkland in the back of his business. Map provided by the city.

Richland City Council will meet on Wednesday night, August 2, at 6 pm instead of the usual Tuesday night so councilmembers can participate in the National Night Out event. Agenda and packet items can be accessed here:


Richland City Council will consider surplusing two acres of parkland adjacent to a bike and pedestrian trail next to Keene Road. According to City Manager Jon Amundson in an email to the Observer, Mike Lambert, owner of the strip shopping center at 112-120 Keene Road has asked to buy the property. There will be no discussion or separate vote on this consent agenda item.

A sale price will be provided when the council votes later to approve the sale.

According to the cover sheet in the packet for this item, the city originally owned the land under the strip shopping centers. When it was sold, a stipulation in the contract was that the new owner maintain the public property behind it for 20 years, expiring in 2029. According to the cover sheet, the city had a difficult time enforcing that requirement so they are selling the land.

The new stipulations are “…new curb cuts will not be permitted along Keene Road, and access will need to come from the existing retail center driveways. This will require the owner of the retail center to combine the surplus property and the retail properties through a boundary line adjustment.”

The “stipulations” make it almost impossible for anyone else to buy this property which is currently zoned C-1, neighborhood commercial. Because of its location near grocery stores, schools and public transportation, it could also be a good location for multifamily housing.

By stipulating development restrictions, as the city also did at 350 Thayer when it sold property to Councilmember Theresa Richardson’s church, the buyer pool is restricted as well.


The council will hear a presentation about potential locations for public art donated by the family of artist Bernard Hosey. More details and pictures can be found here:

Several other items are on the agenda.