Everything you ever wanted to know about the annexation of 1,641 acres, known as the Northwest Advanced Clean Energy Park, is included in pg. 24 -247 of the packet  with the agenda to Tuesday’s Richland City Council meeting.

RIchland City Council will meet on Tuesday night at 6 pm in Richland City Hall. The meeting can also be seen on Cable Channel 192 and online at Richland City View.

A property owner at the corner of Smith Avenue and Hoffman Street will be allowed to divide their .20 acre lot into two .10 acre lots and build additional housing. The recommendation is for R-2S zoning and is vague as to how many units that means. It could allow four units on the .20 acres.

The city will tighten up its cyber harassment laws to adhere to the requirements of the U.S. Supreme Court case Counterman v. Colorado.

There are a lot of red erasures and blue new language in this municipal code update.

A new playground will be built at Howard Amon Park that will accommodate users of all abilities and ages. There is a similar playground in Spokane’s Riverfront Park. The new playground will cost about $1 million. Pictures and drawings begin on pg. 375 of the packet.

In other business, two male retirees will be re-appointed to the Utility Advisory Committee keeping the old boys’ club intact.

Then it’s blah, blah, blah from the city manager and the members of the city council.