In the packet for the Richland City Council’s Sept. 21 meeting, it took 975 fewer pages to outline the new collective bargaining agreement with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union No. 77 for Richland linemen than it did to give the pros and cons for 54 new townhouses in Horn Rapid.

Both will have a hearing during the Sept. 21 meeting but the hearing on the 54 townhouses is closed. See Item 5.

The page numbers below correspond with pages in the packet.  Go to the top of the packet to find out how to view the 6:00 p.m. meeting and how to comment on hearing items and to comment during the public comment section of the meeting.

1.Mayor Ryan Lukson will recognize Soroptimist International of Three Rivers Day.
Soroptimist International is a global volunteer organization that provides women
and girls with access to the education and training they need to achieve economic empowerment. Pg. 5-6

Public Hearings

2. Owners of 1412 Haupt Ave. have asked the city to relinquish the unused utility easement on their property. Pg. 263-266.

3. Proposed IBEW contract. Pg. 267-315.

4. Proposed vacation of an unopened portion of Davenport Street. The city will retain a 30’ strip between Goethals Drive and Wellsian Way for a utility easement and a pedestrian path. Pg. 18-25

5. A closed hearing on the 54 townhouses at Horn Rapids. The townhouses will be built on the golf course and obstruct the golf course views of other homeowners.  Pursuant to RMC 19.70.050.B no new evidence shall be presented before the city council in a closed record proceeding. Only those persons who participated in the open record hearing before the hearing examiner may address the council in a closed record proceeding. Comments made at a closed record proceeding must be in the nature of summary argument only, based on and limited to facts in the written and oral record developed during the open record hearing. Pg. 406-1429

Public Comments: You have two minutes to give you opinion on any topic.

Consent Calendar: There’s no discussion on these items, everything passes with one vote. Any councilmember can pull an item for discussion and a separate vote but they rarely do.

6. Approval of the September 7, 2021 City Council meeting minutes.

7. Vacating the unopened portion of Davenport Street.  See Item 4 above.

8. Amending the code on minimum parking standards. This establishes a designation of “special athletic training facilities” for parking requirements and assigns it a ratio of parking places to square feet at 1 per 250 sq. ft.  Everything you every wanted to know about parking place requirements included in the packet pages. Pg. 26-135.

9. Amending the 2021 budget for police cameras. Pg. 136-138

10. Amending the Richland municipal codes for Firefighters’ Pension Board membership. This designates the city finance director as the treasurer and the city clerk as a member to clarify responsibility. Pg. 139-141

11. Amending the Richland municipal code for Police Pension Board membership. For the same reasons as above. Pg. 142-144.

12. This will grant a solid waste collection transition franchise to Waste Management Inc. for Zinsli, Allenwhite and Badger Mountain Winery Annexations. Pg. 145-172

13. Basin Disposal will also have a transition franchise. Pg. 173-201

14. Waste Management of Washington will receive a transition franchise for the Lorayne J. Annexation. Pg. 202-217.

15. This allows the city to accept funds to increase the Richland Public Library’s digital collection. The Washington State Library has reserved $20,213 of the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant for the City of Richland. Pg. 218-219.

16. Since the city has allowed development to sprawl all over the place, it needs a Tapteal 1 booster station to provide them all with water from the Columbia River. According to the city summary. “The total cost of this contract is not to exceed $382,200. Work expected to be completed in 2021 will cost up to $115,000. The existing available project budget for 2021 includes $150,000 of Richland funds from the Water Fund and $50,000 from the City of West Richland. The remaining costs in the proposed contract will be funded through the 2022 budget and additional partnership contributions from the City of West Richland which are yet to be negotiated. Pg. 220-239.

17. RH2 Engineering will be hired to improve UV disinfection at the water treatment plant. From the city: “Total cost of this proposed contract will not exceed $134,988, with costs to be realized in both 2021 and 2022. The Water Treatment Equipment Upgrade program within the Water Fund capital program has sufficient capacity to fund this entire contract.” Pg. 240-260.

18. Approving a commercial façade improvement program agreement with 707 The Parkway LLC.  The owner of 707 The Parkway (former Pink Pearl building) will replace the windows and doors on both The Parkway and Jadwin sides of the building. This current project is valued at $8,172. Pg. 260-262.

19. The easement at 1412 Haupt Ave. See Item 2 above.

20. The IBEW contract. See Item 3 above.

21. Appointment to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Citizens review Committee, Judith Davis. There were 2 applicants. Judith is the incumbent. Pg. 316-317.

22. Appointments to the Economic Development Committee. Six applicants were interviewed. Joseph Potts and incumbent Megan Hughes were chosen. Pg. 318-319

23. Cara Hernandez is a new member of the Richland Public Library Board of Trustees. Four applicants were considered. Pg. 320-321

24. Incumbent Barbara Newell was chosen for the Personnel Committee from three applicants. Pg. 322-323

25. The Utility Advisory Committee continues to be the “old boys club.”  Four applications were received, and two incumbents were chosen to continue on the committee – Don Gregoire and Charles LoPresti. Pg. 324-325

26. All the checks written in August are listed. Pg. 326-405.

New Business

27. The council will discuss the 54 townhouses at Horn Rapids. Pg. 406-1429.

City Manager and City Council –  Blah, blah, blah, blah.