Franklin County Courthouse

Well, each week with the commissioners is another episode.  And each week I wonder what will happen this week.

Again Didier wears no mask. During this meeting someone asked him about it, he said, “I have the written excuse on my desk, no one has asked to see it.”  

Again, Peck’s stand is this is an illegal meeting and he participates under that stand.
It was a very hectic and chaotic meeting.  It’s really difficult for me to try to piece together what happened. 

Didier pulled two items off the consent calendar, I think just to  show that he can. They went round and round with the redistricting issue.  Sant again tries to explain the process and the law, and all Dider says is “it’s unconstitutional, it’s against the law, there’s no freedom here, etc.” 

I watched Sant and as he explains, Didier picks up on one word and makes a bid deal.  IE  Sant used the word race in explaining something.  Right away Didier, jumps is and says,  “You said this wasn’t about race, explain what you mean.” Then Sant has to back up and try to find words to please Didier.    

Dider and Mullen don’t want a district only plan, with each commissioner being elected by their district and no general election by the citizens of Franklin co. They are both afraid of losing the all citizens vote.  Peck, of course, is agreeable to the district only.

In public comment, very few individuals identify themselves. I’m sure this female today was the same one who spoke 3 different times at the evening meeting, without ever identifying herself.  

Another twist at this meeting was Didier told one person, after the three minute time was up to “take three more minutes if you need it.”  Never before have I heard such a ruling in any public comment session. When the time is up, you wind up your comments, now. 

FINALLY, they went into executive session with a gentleman who was an expert with the census data and would come out of the meeting with directions as to what the commissioners would ask for on their side of the suit.  

It’s murky here because the commissioners appointed a committee, from what I could gather, that has 10 members. Who they are and how they were chosen is unsure to me. Remember Didier didn’t take the suit seriously so therefore this committee hasn’t been active.  
NOW he’s asking Keith Johnson, commission administrator, “Why hasn’t this committee been active?” He’s putting all the blame on Keith Johnson for not doing anything. Keith was waiting for the final census data and Didier should have known this, if he was a responsible commissioner.  

I think the executive session came up with the idea that the committee would present three distinct maps, to present in the suit. Didier thinks (I watched the cogs turning in his head) that one of the maps will give him what he wants. and he will bully his way, ahead.

WELL, the other side (LULAC, a part of the ACLU) also has ideas on how the districts should be divided, which may not agree with Didier’s plan. Didier still thinks he can bully enough to get his way and if his staff don’t pull through for him, he’s disparage them, saying it’s their fault and their poor ability.

Here’s the link, if you would like to waste your time listening to such nonsense.

**Leona Hassing, formerly a resident of Richland who now lives in Pasco, closely follows a number of Tri-Cities government agencies.