September 14, 2021 meeting :  Benton County Commissions estimates at least three years to open the Behavioral Health Recovery Center but would fast track the process where they could.  To start the process the commission has reached out to the LifePoint attorney regarding purchase of the former Kennewick General Hospital property.

Commissioner Small has talked to individuals and large employers in the area andhas not heard from anyone opposing the .01% addition to the sales tax to fund the Behavior Health Recovery Center, just support.

The county is working on a draft ordinance to the tax and looking at the 1st or 2nd week of November to have a public hearing. Later the county will be working with Department of Revenue to collect the tax.

When Commissioner McKay hinted that Ben Franklin Transit may give up .01% of their tax money to contribute to building the new facility, no one responded. At a recent meeting, the Ben Franklin Board voted against giving up the tax that had been approved by voters some years ago.

September 21, 2021 meeting: The county presented a letter to the Board they want to send to the State to show their sincerity for a Behavioral Health Recovery Center. This was called Mental Health Center then Community Resource Center (CRC) and now Behavioral Health Recovery Center. BHRC has a nice ring for sure; better than CRC because I could see guys showing up to play ping pong or billiards or asking where the water slide is in this hotter than a matchstick spot on the map.

In a nutshell the letter says: The center will serve Benton County and surrounding areas providing treatment options to the community as an alternative for incarceration or frequent trips to the hospital. The county has 2.7 million dollars from Department of Commerce for planning the facility at the old Kennewick hospital. The County plans to use its own funds of 1.6 million to buy it. Total cost of project is expected to be about 20 million dollars. The County is trying to get more funding from federal, state and local levels.

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