Update: more information was added to the packet this morning for the Parks Department presentation and the page numbers for that have been noted. Also, the staff reports for the zoning requests have been added to those reports.

The Council will meet in person for the first time in months. Residents will still be able to watch the meeting via Zoom and register to call in and comment.  All instructions are at the top of the agenda. The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m.

Two north Richland landowners propose to change their zoning, one from Neighborhood Commercial (C-1) to Limited Business (C-LB) and the other from Agriculture (AG) to General Business (C-3).

Water rates are going down by 10%. Read about that on page 57-67 of the packet.

No information was provided for Benton County’s proposed Recovery Center and Mobile Crisis Response Teams, according to City Manager Jon Amundson.

  1. Visit TRI-CITIES tourism report. Pg. 4-37

2. Proposed Recovery Center and Mobile Crisis Response Teams. No information provided.

3. Annual Parks and Recreation Commission Presentation. Pg. 37-53

Public Hearings

4. Greg Markel hasn’t been able to develop his 3.9 acres land at 1842 Jadwin. He believes that if it is rezoned from C-1 that allows gas stations, grocery stores, bars, taverns, and restaurants to C-LB which allows office and high density residential, he’ll have a better chance.  This is a “Closed Record-First Reading.” That means that if you haven’t commented before during the process, you can’t comment now.  The Observer can’t help but wonder if some restaurant or gas station offered him a fabulous price for the property, would Markel ask to change the zoning back?  Pg. 189-255.

The Observer once commented on one of these during the PUBLIC COMMENT period and everyone was advised to ignore my comments. I’m surprised that City Attorney Heather Kintzley hasn’t threatened to throw commenters out of the meeting if they do that as she once threatened for clapping, but that pesky First Amendment may be getting in her way.

5. The Knights of Columbus wants to rezone it’s AG zoned property to C-3 so they can build a Community Hospital Equipment Lend Program, KC Help. The property is at Van Giesen and Highway 240, 2500 Chester Road. Pg. 256-307.

6. Approval of the totally worthless minutes. There is a tape of the meeting. Pg. 54-61.

7. New code on noise. Pg. 62-67.

8. New construction will pay more to hook to the sewer. The city had been losing money on it but will now collect $243,800 more. Pg. 68-73

9. Resident water rates will go down by 10%. Pg. 74-84.

10. Authorizing the $428,800 for tourism. Pg. 85-90.

11. Approving the required 6-year update of the City of Richland 401(a) retirement plan. Pg. 91-109.

12. Douglas Nolan, appointment to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Citizens Review Committee. Pg. 109-110

13. Colette Miller and Harry Staven, appointment to the Arts Commission. Pg. 111-112

14. Bradley Bricker, appointment to the Board of Adjustment. Bricker is also on the city’s Economic Development Committee. Pg. 113-114

15. Jeff Huber and Skye White, appointment to the Code Enforcement Board. Pg. 115-116.

16, Wendi Warner, appointment to the Economic Development Committee. Warner ran for City Council in 2019. Pg. 117-118.

17. Darin Ladd, Jana Kay Lunstad and Srithan Thallapally, appointment to the Parks & Recreation Commission. Pg. 119-120.

18. February checks. Pg. 121-184/

Items of Business

19. The Rezone of the Greg Markel property will be discussed and voted on. Pg.189-255

20. The rezone of the Knights of Columbus property will be discussed and voted on. Pg. 256-307.

City Manager and City Council – blah, blah, blah.