Secret, executive session

This workshop has three discussion items followed by a secret, executive session to discuss current or potential litigation. The Observer does not know the subject matter of the secret meeting. It’s a secret.

City Manager Jon Amundson wrote the Observer a few weeks ago that in March the city council would consider transferring the Riverfront Hotel lease from Traum Ventures, LLC  to Fortify Holdings. There are no more regular meetings in March and the council hasn’t considered it. 

This week Amundson wrote the Observer, “They have provided us the necessary paperwork.”

Mayor Ryan Lukson wrote Fortify in December warning them about leasing the land and then converting the hotel to micro-apartments in violation of the zoning for the area that has a minimum of 500 sq. ft. for a dwelling unit.

The three agenda items

I’m sure that Public Works Director Pete Rogalsky’s discussion on the management of 300 miles of city pavement will be a fascinating discussion.

Following Rogalsky, Fire Chief Tom Huntington will make a presentation on the Badger Mountain South Fire Station. It will have a branch library. Did you know that?

Everything you ever wanted to know about making Americans with Disability Act (ADA) improvements to the Uptown Shopping Center. It takes up most of the packet that goes with the workshop meeting.