2725 Steptoe at Meadow Drive South and Center Parkway

Developers do not give up. Three zoning changes will be discussed at this workshop and one of them was denied a year ago. Maps are included in the packet.

On April 27, 2021, the Richland City Council discussed a zoning change from commercial to medium-density residential for 2725 Steptoe. Former Councilmember Marianne Boring forcefully made the case that such a change would leave that neighborhood with no commercial development within walking/biking distance of their homes. The council agreed, and the rezoning was denied.

Boring was replaced on the council by Theresa Richardson in the last election so maybe that’s why Hayden Homes thinks they have a better chance this time. The 10.5 acres is owned by Richland 132 LLC. Dennis P. Murphy of Walla Walla is the director.

Richland wants to go in the opposite direction with the city’s property at Duportail Street and City View. The city staff proposes changing that 15.78 acres on the Yakima River near Walmart and Target at Queensgate from high density residential to commercial. The land is currently assessed by Benton County at $3,219,490.

There’s a well-known dearth of apartments and housing in the city, and land nearby has already been rezoned from agricultural to commercial. This property, with views of the Yakima River and within walking distance of services, seems wasted on commercial development.

Realtor Teresa Reents and investor Ken Hofstad want land in Badger Mt. South rezoned from Civic to low-density residential.

The meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. and since it is a workshop, there is no opportunity for public comment.