Richland energy department workers are going door to door installing new electric meters.

Richland energy services department has begun installing new advanced electric meters at each customer’s location. Workers are rolling wagons filled with the new meters down city streets. It took about five minutes for Hector to install one at the home of the Observer.

The new Itron, Inc. system was approved by the city on April 7, 2020. Energy Services Director Clint Whitney told the Richland City Council that the new meters will improve service for customers.

With the new meters and the software that works with it, residents can follow their electricity usage and budget if they need to.

At the May 18, 2021, meeting the city council approved a contract with Exceleron for use of their software program, MyUsagePrePay. The program aims at reducing delinquent utility accounts by giving consumers a pay-as-you-go-plan. The new meters will make that program possible.