Update: Feb. 6, Public Works Director Pete Rogalsky has provided a list of pedestrian safety improvements. City Attorney Heather Kintzley has reported the budget for prosecution services.

The massage parlor ordinance needed to be updated to “ensure that massage parlors are not used as a front for prostitution and other lewd conduct,” according to the staff summary. No touching of private parts allowed. Changes to ordinances must appear on the agenda several times so we’ve seen this item before. If you’re interested in more details, they can be found on Pg. 18-32 of the packet.

The Horn Rapids Master Plan will be updated to the tune of $125,000. The city sells land in the industrial area usually with the proviso that the buyer builds on it within 18 months. That is to prevent speculation. Nothing in this contract mentions anything about evaluating the enforcement of that requirement.

Richland will build pedestrian improvements, the locations are listed below.

Attorneys will make more money. City Attorney Heather Kintzley reports that the total budgeted for prosecution services is $318,674.


1.Swearing-in of Richland Police Officer Cooper Shelby

2.Benton County Recovery Center Update

3.New Hires and Retirements

Public Hearing: Three minutes to give your opinion on the hearing item below.

4.Amending the 2023-2028 six-year Transportation Improvement Program. Pg. 164-177. See item 16.

Public Comments: Two minutes to comment on anything you please. If you have a question, ask it and tell them that you will be following up until you have an answer. The clerk reads the rules that say don’t expect an immediate answer.

Consent Calendar: Everything here gets no discussion and one vote

5.Approval of the minutes for the Jan. 17 meeting and the Jan. 24 workshop

6.Amending the municipal code on Public massage parlors and public bathhouses. Pg. 18-32.

7.Authorizing a $147,000 agreement with RH2 Engineering Inc. for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Anaerobic Digester Functionality Audit. Pg. 33-109

8.Authorizing grant agreements of $1,827,000 for systemic stop-controlled intersection Improvement and systemic pedestrian crossing safety improvements. Pg. 110-111

The following areas will receive rectangular rapid flashing beacons and crosswalk improvements:

Detailed Project Description: Install rectangular flashing beacons, signing, markings, median refuge islands, Type II pole and mast arm for overhead mounting of rectangular rapid flashing beacons and curb ramps as needed.


1. Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, signing, striping, and curb ramps: A) Aaron Drive and Jadwin Avenue, B) Stevens Drive at Mansfield Street, C) Leslie Road just south of Mattis Drive, D) Gage Boulevard west of Venus Circle, E) Lee Boulevard at Goethals Drive. F) Columbia Center Boulevard and Fowler Street

2. Median refuge island: Leslie Road just south of Mattis Drive

3. Type II pole with mast arm: Gage Boulevard west of Venus Circle.

Project above includes associated ADA and utility work as needed.

9.Authorizing a $55,000 amendment to the contract with RH2 Engineering Inc. for the Horn Rapids Irrigation Booster Pump Stations Project. The amendment is for the construction phase and brings the contract total total to $104,967. Pg. 112-120

10.Authorizing an amendment to the agreement with the storage unit company to relinquish the Davenport Road extension in exchange for the development to complete improvements on Comstock. The city was supposed to maintain a part of the Davenport right-of-way over a water pipe to be used as a pedestrian access to Wellsian Way. Students at Carmichael Middle School and Richland High School use the path to walk to school. Pg. 121-128

11.Setting a meeting to consider the annexation of 1.83 acres at 24907 Dallas Road in the Badger Mountain South area. Pg. 129-130

12.Authorizing a $125,000 consulting agreement with MacKay Sposito, Inc. for the Horn Rapids Master Plan Update. Pg. 131-151

13.Updating council assignments for 2023. Council committee assignments must be reshuffled after Michael Alvarez flew the coop by finally managing to get himself elected to the Benton County Commission. Pg. 152-155

14.Authorizing a fourth amendment to the professional services agreement with Brown & Rio for prosecution services. Richland pays the law firm to handle misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor criminal charges as well as tow hearings, dangerous dog appeals and civil forfeitures. The city is increasing the base rate by $42,466 but it is unclear as to what the base rate is now. Pg. 156 – 161


15.Appointment of Yesenia Galvez to the Tri-City Regional Hotel-Motel Commission. Pg. 162-163

Items of Business:

16.Authorizing grants for downtown connectivity Improvements and the Jadwin Avenue sidewalk improvement project. Pg. 164-177

Blah, blah, blah, City Manager and City Councilmembers comment