Washington State Supreme Court allows Richland School Board recall to proceed.

The Washington Supreme Court ordered unanimously today that four charges each against Richland School Board members Misipati Semi Bird, Audra Byrd and Kari Williams could proceed to recall.

“After carefully considering the issues presented, the Court concludes that four of the recall charges presented in this case are factually and legally sufficient and three charges are factually and legally insufficient.”

The court reversed the trial court’s order for three charges against each of the three members.

The four charges that will go to recall include:

Count 2: for all three for violating the Open Public Meetings Act by voting to make masks optional during a special meeting when the matter wasn’t on the agenda.

Count 3: for all three for voting to make masks optional which was a violation of the law. They had been advised in writing that such a vote would be a violation.

Count 4:  for all three for exceeding their powers as a school board by voting to make masks optional. School boards are not empowered to make public health policy within public schools.

Count 10: Byrd and Williams violated the Richland School Board Code of Ethics.

County 12: Bird violated the Richland School Board Code of Ethics.

Supporters of the recall must now collect enough signatures on petitions to have the recall put to a vote during either a regularly scheduled election or a special election.